In the beautiful islands of Hawaii, everyone wears leis. is one more taboo it is considered (in Hawaii) impolite to give a closed (tied) lei to a pregnant woman. BECENIA, ANGEL LEE BULBEQUE OCAMPO, JAMES BRYANT GAÃ’OLON .. PREGO, KIME NAPOLES. not pregnant; Sunday Sonnet, f. by Any Given Saturday. Last mated April 24, Dam of Vivo Per Lei (3 wins to 5, , $,, 3rd Yellow Rib-.

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Most of these leis are unavailable for shipping to the prsgo due to strict agricultural laws. Last, but not least, there is one more taboo…it is considered in Hawaii impolite to give a closed tied lei to a pregnant woman. Each island has its own designated lei which represents a harmonious marriage of texture and color. In Hawaii, a lei is given for an office promotion, a birthday, an anniversary, a graduation, or any special event.

Keep updated on our new leis and monthly specials. A lei is a common symbol of love, friendship, celebration, honor, or greeting. When the boat would arrive at the dock, it was a social celebration with lei greeters, hula dancers, music, and photographers.


View Shipping and Delivery Rates. However, royalty and Hawaiian chieftains favored the fiery, vibrant Ilima—a thin orange blossom that requires hundreds of flowers to make a single lei strand.

Head Hakus and open-ended leis preego acceptable to give to pregnant woman.

Always graciously accept the lei with a toothy smile and a kiss on the cheek. The History of the Lei The custom of the flower lei was introduced to Hawaii from the various surrounding Polynesian islands and even Asia.

This website designed and developed by Parallel 21, Inc. In other words, it is a symbol of Aloha. Lei Etiquette Leis can be worn, received, or given for almost any occasion. A safe return to Hawaii was ensured if their lei drifted to shore. Leis were also heavily associated with hula, religion and geography.

The state of Hawaii is consists of eight major islands. In ancient Hawaii, wearing a lei represented wealth, royalty, and rank.

The Aloha Tradition

While a few ancient Hawaiian customs have faded from memory, the tradition of lei-giving has managed to subsist and flourish. On May Day, most parents request to take a day off of work so they can watch their children participate in May Day festivities and programs at school.


In the beautiful islands of Hawaii, everyone wears leis. Multiple Shipping options are leei. Most Hawaiians preferred the Maile lei–a leafy leii that has fragrant spicy-sweet leaves that is draped and worn open-ended to the waist.

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If you are allergic or sensitive to flowers, then discreetly and apologetically slip-off the lei. It is acceptable and considered a kind gesture to offer the lei to your spouse if you are unable to wear it.

Never refuse a lei!

Everyone in Hawaii is encouraged to wear a lei on May Day. Enter your email address in the box below. A common custom for departing travelers was to toss their leis into the ocean by Diamond Head Crater.

Many Hawaiians feel that a closed lei around the neck is bad luck for the unborn child.