Latro in the Mist is an omnibus of two books Soldier of the Mist () and Soldier of Arete (); a chunky page (with another 16 pages. In his foreword to Latro in the Mist, which pairs Gene Wolfe’s acclaimed historical fantasies Soldier of the Mist () and Soldier of Arete. LATRO IN THE MIST is the omnibus edition containing two of Gene Wolfe’s historical fantasies set in ancient Greece: Soldier of the Mist and Soldier of Arete.

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I occasionally run across a book that challenges me; miet makes me work for the story and enjoy the labor; that awes me with the craft of the writing. Soldiers of the Mist and Soldiers of Arete are the story of the falsely-named Latro, who suffers a wound during the Persian Wars which renders him lose his memory each evening but which also allows him to see the ways in which the gods interact directly with humanity.

For those who like their historical fiction unadulterated, I still recommend this book. There is plenty of excitement, of course, but it is a natural excitement and a total immersion of the world the way it once was, that gives this book nothing less than genius status.

Works by Gene Wolfe. Latro in the Mist is an omnibus of two books Soldier of the Mist and Soldier of Arete ; a chunky page with another 16 pages of glossary doorstop of a book, but well worth plowing through.

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In you’ve never read Wolfe’s acclaimed and genuinely stunning writing, I’d recommend starting with The Book misy the New Sun.

But I did feel that he fell too much into a pattern that began to feel too mechanical. Osterkamp rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Which is, I suppose, to say that this is another book which I did not like particularly but reconfirms needlessly my faith in Gene Wolfe’s unique powers.

And the final chapter, written by a companion of Latro’s, and therefore in a completely new voice, was so laden with poetic metaphor and mythic references, that I had some difficulty gathering Thw what happened in the end.

Another problem with the storytelling is that Latro’s point of view is the only way to know anything and yet there seem to be many days where he skips writing.

Having some knowledge of the events of the time helps fill in the gaps. Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel Retrieved from ” https: No genre cliches, no hard-to-swallow decisions or dialogue.

Latro in the Mist by Gene Wolfe

I miist it four stars only because my attention wandered a bit toward the end but not much. Unless you’re into that. Erudite and deeply researched.

Aug 13, Ian Mathers rated it liked it Shelves: A complex, delirious novel, purporting to be a lost scroll written in an archaic form of Latin in the early 5th century BC by a wounded soldier who writes of the day’s events at night, forgets everything in the morning, and speaks to the Gods. Neil Gaiman Neil Gaiman http: The other challenging element to this book was how often I found myself stopping, grabbing my computer, and spending a half hour to an hour on Wikipedia reading about certain mythological or historical references.


Soldier of the Mist – Wikipedia

I was hoping he would end up with Io; i felt like he abandoned her at the end and she was so in love with him. Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. Griffith, Clay and Susan. HanJie Mar 27, It has two sequels: Vision Build a reputation for inclusive, welcoming dialogue where creators and fans of all types of speculative fiction mingle. And yet the rest of his work I confess to fi Frequent readers Surely there must be some better use of your Fans of Wolfe and the ancient Western world.

Latro in the Mist: Two fantastic novels

I totally enjoyed the rest because, for me, it was a guessing game of where Latro was, all the cities were fun to figure out. There are also occasions on which Latro is indisposed and other people write entries for him.

It’s easy to read and yet difficult at the same time. The biggest clue is Wolfe telling us in the beginning what year this is set in, and I’ll save you the trouble of looking it up by telling you that was the year the Battle of Plataea took lato, a rather decisive battle between the Greek city-states and the invading Persians.