these extensions are described in section 4. · RFC A Message Summary and Message Waiting Indication Event Package . Find the most up-to-date version of IETF – RFC at Engineering Find the most up-to-date version of RFC at Engineering

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These two extensions allow users to specify their preferences about the service the IMS provides. Entity Capabilities XEP The extension for service route discovery during registration [31] consists of a Service-Route header field that is used by the registrar in a 2XX response to a REGISTER request to inform the registering user of the entity that rcc forward every request originated by him irtf her. Other useful information describing the “Quality” of the document:. Once this response has been sent, the called party has selected the codec too, and starts resource reservation on its side.

Retrieved November 29, These include an efficient use of the radio interface by minimizing the exchange of signaling messages between the mobile terminal and the network, a minimum session setup time by performing tasks prior to session establishment instead of during session establishment, a minimum support required in the terminal, the support for roaming and non-roaming scenarios with terminal mobility management supported by the access network, not SIPand support for IPv6 addressing.

Clear description of the referenced document: There are several mechanisms to achieve this, such as:. Comments on RFCs and corresponding changes are accommodated through the existing standardization process.

ITU-T work programme

Interested in buying Bria for your Macintosh? Session Initiation Protocol 2.


Retrieved December 5, In the basic SIP specification, [15] only requests and final responses i. Other requirements involve protocol extensions, such as SIP header fields to exchange user or server information, and SIP methods to support new network functionality: Other useful information describing the “Quality” of the document: The state publication framework defines a new method: Retrieved from ” https: Moreover, event notification can be used to provide additional services such as voicemail i.

When a proxy server receives a request from an untrusted entity and authenticates the user i. This token will be obtained from its P-CSCF, which may be in charge of QoS policy control or have an interface with the policy control entity in the network i. Retrieved 5 December The security mechanisms agreement extension for SIP [28] was then introduced to provide a secure mechanism for negotiating the security algorithms and parameters to be used by the P-CSCF and the terminal.

The REFER message also implies an event subscription to the result of the operation, so that the sender will know whether or not the recipient could contact the third person.

Retrieved December 1, By using the user agent capabilities extension, [9] user agents terminals can describe themselves when they register so that others can search for them according to their caller preferences extension headers.

Finally, when privacy is requested, proxies must rtc asserted identity information outside the trusted domain by removing P-Asserted-Identity headers before forwarding user requests to untrusted identities outside the Trust Domain. CounterPath Corporation is a leading provider of innovative desktop and mobile VoIP software products and solutions. RFCs,,,,Errata Exist 7.

Justification for the specific reference:. Compression algorithms perform this operation by substituting repeated words in the message by its position in a dictionary where all these words only appear once.


CounterPath Involvement in IETF for SIP Open Standards | CounterPath

There are several standards that address this requirements, such as the following two for services interworking between the PSTN and the Internet i. The main functionality is supported by the P-Asserted-Identity extension header.

The efficient use of network resources, which may include a radio interface or other low-bandwidth access, is essential in the IMS in order to provide the user with an acceptable experience in terms of latency. Request for Comments RFC documents encompass new research, innovations and methodologies applicable to Internet technologies. Service Discovery XEP Therefore, a mechanism is needed in order to route requests to the desired device or application.

To obtain transmission resources, the user agent must present an authorization token to the network i.

SIP extensions for the IP Multimedia Subsystem

Relationship with other existing or emerging documents: Any explicit references within that referenced document should also be listed: However, in such an 32655 as the IMS framework, it is necessary to extend this reliability to provisional responses to INVITE requests for session establishment, this is, to start a call.

All this functionality is supported by new special header fields.

To allow the sender to discover such entities and populate the route header field, there are mainly two extension header fields: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.