The Pontine Islands are rich with Italian history, dating as far back as the rule of the Romans, with many of the ruins still on display today. Many of the attractions. cartina ponza – Buy this stock photo and explore similar images at Adobe Stock. Informazioni su appartamenti in affitto, ristoranti, barche, webcam, eventi, hotel, affittacamere, bed and breakfast, notizie, meteo e nightlife.

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There is a pilaster on either side of it. Menu di navigazione Strumenti personali Accesso non effettuato discussioni contributi registrati entra.

Great thanks in advance! The divisions of the zodiac suggest a date of the 3rd century AD. Drawing of the zodiac. The cave which takes its name from the witch is situated in the west part of the island, between the beaches of Capo Bianco and Chiaia di Cartia.

To the right of this, on the pilaster, looking right, are the remains of a figure in Phrygian cap kneeling with arms outstretched, possibly part of the water-miracle.

The best landing stage is located at Punta del Varo, the headland which lies opposite Ponza. The island, colonized by the Etruscans, is famous for its history, but also as the mythological island of Circe, the legendary witch the Omer describes in his Odissey.

Thank you very much. The chamber is irregular L. The urban layout of the island of Ponza dates back to the 18th century and, indeed, the semicircular port, designed by Winspeare and built by Francesco Carpi between and over the original Roman foundations, Corso Pisacane, a delightful street lined with craft shops and restaurants, and the ancient fortified tower which is now a hotel, are all Bourbon in origin.

The empty cult niche. After heading offshore towards Scoglio Pallante and then back to the grottoes and caves of the Scoglio di San Silvestro, it is possible to cartinna the Faraglione di San Silvestro, a rocky stack topped by a votive chapel dedicated to Saint Silverius, the patron saint of the island, and connected to the island by a low, cordon of rocks which the sea will probably break carttina in the not too distant future.


Isola di Ponza

We have a wide selection of sizes and scales. Palmarola is located in the west part of the archipelago and has beautiful bays and anchorages. Social network Facebook Google Plus Twitter. Nel le isole furono annesse all’Italia.

Coming to the island from Circeo and the surrounding area, on the way back home he probably stopped on Ponza and Zannone to take on fresh water and cut the blocks of rock collected on Palmarola.

Covering a total surface area of approximately hectares, the island can be reached by ferry from Formia, Terracina and San Felice Circeo in summeras well as from Anzio, Fiumicino Roma and Naples.

Click here to leave a review. Two further figures are depicted outside, one blowing a long horn. Plan of the Mithraeum. Who could help me? In altre lingue English Modifica collegamenti. It is currently accessed by a flight of 8 steps leading down to a cartna, from which the cave can be entered.

Maria a Mithraeum was discovered about a century ago. Reviews Click here to leave a review You need to be logged in to be able to leave a review. Overlooked by a yellowy-white falaise of over m in height, upon which expert eyes will be able to identify all the various geological ages of the island, Chiaia di Luna beach concludes at Punta Capo Bianco, a wall of light grey tuff which reflects the light of the various hours of the day in a wide range of different colours.

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Province of Latina Contacts Accomodations Privacy. On the vault, in front of the niche, is a high-quality stucco relief of the zodiac. Map of the island of Ponza. Visite Leggi Modifica Cronologia. Tags postal codes maps map bridal ponzw italy cartographicalmap geographicalmaps map of italy cartographical map.


Ponza offers to its tourists: Welcome Log in Your account. An indispensable tool to visit one of the most beautiful places in Italy. Pronta da stampare e portare in vacanza per dartina comoda e veloce consultazione.

IAT Latina Turismo

Ponza e Ventotene sono Comuni, gli isolotti sono disabitati. It has however remained comparatively unknown and neglected. Once round Punta Tramontana, the coast opens into a cove characterized by a series of caves known as Le Cattedrali, delimited by lava columns which plunge deep into the dark green sea, while, beyond Punta delle Brecce, the coast runs gently to Forcina where the red-brown slopes of the mountain are fractured by huge white rocks and a yellow-white stack rises out of the water.

Tourist roadmap of the Blog Posts recents There are not Posts yet. A trip round the island will enable visitors to see Cala delle Grottelle, Scoglio del Monaco, Punta di Xartina, Punta del Lauro, Capo Negro, Capo Caccia, Punta del Mariuolo and Punta Lunghetiello, while on the island itself it is possi-ble to explore the ruins of the Benedictine monastery of Santo Spirito and the fisheries made into the ponsa and connected to the sea by an underwater conduit, accessible only via an external staircase close to Varo.

Located approximately 6 miles from the port of Ponza, the island of ZANNONE can on-ly be reached by private boat or one of the small craft offering day trips services to the island in summer.

Non molti anni dopo, l’eruzione del Vesuvio, che distrusse quasi del tutto Torre del Greco, fece sbarcare nell’isola precisamente nelle prime famiglie torresi che, con gli stessi vantaggi accordati ai primi coloni, si stabilirono a Le Forna, il secondo centro abitato.