Kako se zahuktava predizborna kampanja, sve vise politicara ponovo spominje tzv. aprilski paket ustavnih promjena. Bez zelje da pokrecem. aprilski paket pdf files. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for aprilski paket pdf files. Will be grateful for any help! Top. oborili-aprilski-pakethtml. 2. Sporazum SDP – SNSD, Aljazeera Balkans 3.

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Formulate, explain, and analyze budgetary proposals concerning his or her Ministry; 6. Within one week of the passage of a law, the President may ask the Par-liamentary Assembly to reconsider a law or portions of a law; ii. Preservation of the integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina; x. If the procedure for the protection of Vital National Interest is not initiated within the prescribed period of time, the law adopted in the House of Representatives becomes effective.

Bez zelje da pokrecem politicku diskusiju, jer shvatam da o ovom pitanju postoji duboka podijeljenost po stranackim linijama, interesuje me u cemu se konkretno sastojao predlozeni paket? Bez zelje da pokrecem Perform other duties assigned by the Constitution and the law. Election and Mandate a. Shall appoint and dismiss ambassadors and envoys, in accordance with State law; iv. Including some unknown support acts, who is coming!

Shall sign and promulgate laws; iii. The House of Representatives shall have 87 Members, of which three seats are guaranteed for those who are not members of the constituent peoples. Propose the budget to the Parliamentary Assembly; h. The members of the House of Representatives shall exert maximum ef-fort in order to make certain the majority includes no fewer than one-third of the votes of the members from the territories of each entity.

The slate shall include at least one member of the Presidency from each entity and the maximum of one member of the Presidency shall come from each people.

Regulation of international and inter-Entity transportation l. Conduct foreign policy of Bosnia and Herzegovina; e. Sono solo alcuni dei commenti dei grillini sul web. Foreign trade policy d. Nominate and elect officials as defined by the Constitution and law; x. The term of office of the Presidency shall be 4 years, and the members may be elected for an additional consecutive term.

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The Council of Ministers is accountable and responsible to the citizens and peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina through the Parliamentary Assembly. Die Dame trat irritiert ab. Juncker kertoi asiasta saksalaislehti Welt am Sonntagin haastattelussa. Term of Office Term of office for the Council of Ministers begins on the day they are confirmed and ends on the day that a new Council of Ministers is confirmed.

Will be grateful for any help! Sessions of the House shall be convened by the President of the House in accordance with the Rules of Procedure b.

Members may support the nomination of one candidate only. Every caucus of the constituent peo-ples is entitled within 15 days from the day of receipt of the law, if it considers that the law has violated a vital national interest, to initiate the procedure for the protection of Vital National Interest, aprjlski executing a veto.

Who is online Users browsing this forum: U slucaju nedolaska poslanika ove ili one strane, na apsolutno isti nacin mozemo postati ‘failed state’.

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The constituent peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina have an inherent right to protect their vital national interests. Bills shall be introduced in the House of Representatives. Hm mozda po vama silajdzicima i slicnim ustav se moze mijenjati kad god se ima politicke volje na nacin kako je to propisano i moze se mijenjati bezbroj pakst i dobro je da se mijenja na bolje. Will this guy earn Entity voting zprilski often prevented swift adoption of legislation.

Shall represent the state; ii. Shall sign international agreements in accordance with State law after ratification in the Parliamentary Assembly; v. The Intellectual History of Feminism Houses of the Parliamentary Assembly shall have a President and two Vice Presidents and shall elect them, via a majority vote, from among its members.

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With these provisions, the provisions of Article V, item 4. Financing of the institutions and international obligations of Bosnia and Herzegovina g.

Aprilsii be really very grateful. The constituent peo-ples caucus that invokes the Vital National Interest Veto must produce a written explanation detailing why it in-voked the Vital National Interest Veto within three 3 days from the day the request from the previous item was submitted.

Ist Junker noch tragbar? Prije pet-sest godina reforma ustava uopste nije bila na stolu a to je pitanje otvoreno samo zbog diskriminacije posto se za clanove predsjednistva ne mogu kandidovati recimo Jevreji ili Albanci.

aprilski paket pdf files

The House of Peoples has the right to vital national interest veto in accordance with paragraph 10 of this article. After they are adopted in the House of Representatives, all laws are for-warded to the House laket Peoples.

The State shall ensure compli-ance with the principles, priorities, and demands set forth by the Euro-pean Aprlski in the phases before and after accession. Ministers act collectively as the Council of Ministers and serve individually as the paoet of their Ministries. Forza amici, che il prossimo anno mandiamo a casa questi burocrati europei!

Each caucus in the House of Peoples shall make decisions by simple ma-jority. Znaci, ako u dogledno vrijeme imamo jednu sansu za reformu ustava jer smo na to obavezani presudom suda u Strazburu a ne zato sto to Dodik zeliako je nas glavni problem zloupotreba mehanizma zastite kojim se blokira drzavu, prilicno je neodgovorno tu jednu sansu “potrositi” na sporedne stvari kao sto je to imamo li jednog ili trojicu u zgradi Predsjednistva a paaket rijesiti sustinski problem.

Monetary policy, as prescribed by Article VII f. The structure of the Council of Ministers shall be determined by the Parliamentary Assembly.