As Adobe said about HTMLLoader: ” AIR profile support: This feature is supported on all desktop operating systems, but is not supported on mobile devices or. You cannot use ExternalInterface with HTMLLoader between the AS3 host and a child HTMLLoader. You can use it with a child SWF that is. HTMLLoader. AIR-only loaded: Boolean. [read-only] Indicates whether the JavaScript load event corresponding to the previous call to the.

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Calling this method of the HTMLLoader object has the same effect as calling the back method of the window.

Event handlers for this event should check the scrollH and scrollV properties to update any scroll bars associated with the HTMLLoader object. SoundTransform Controls sound within this sprite. Only set this property to true when you are certain that the string cannot contain harmful code. Indicates the x-axis rotation of the DisplayObject instance, in degrees, from its original orientation relative to the 3D parent container.

Dispatched when the user selects the context menu associated with this interactive object in an AIR application.

Dispatched at the beginning of a drag operation by the InteractiveObject that is specified as the drag initiator in the DragManager. Show Inherited Public Methods. When you set the width and height properties of an HTMLLoader object, the bounds of the object change but content is not scaled as would happen with other types of display objects.

Registers htmllosder event listener object with an EventDispatcher object so that the listener receives notification of an event. Indicates whether an instance of the Object class is in the prototype chain of the object specified as the parameter.


About the HTMLLoader class

Dispatched when the user moves a pointing device away from an InteractiveObject instance. Number Indicates the y coordinate of the DisplayObject instance relative to the local coordinates of the parent DisplayObjectContainer. The height, in pixels, of the HTML content. Since the StageWebView class uses the system web control provided by the Flash Player plugin, concurrent use of StageWebView and HTMLLoader instances is strongly discouraged as it has htmllowder behavior and can possibly terminate the application.

Rectangle The current scaling grid that is in effect. Sets the availability of a dynamic property for loop operations. You need the htmlloaer ANE as well as mentioned in the wiki. Boolean Evaluates the bounding box htmllkader the display object to see if it htmlloadeg or intersects with the bounding box of the obj display object. DisplayObject Returns the child display object that exists with the specified name.

Dispatched during a drag operation by the InteractiveObject that is specified as the drag initiator in the DragManager. After the HTMLLoader navigates to a new page, you need to set the property again if you want the new page to use a specific encoding. Dispatched when the display list is about to be updated and rendered.

See also contentWidth contentHeight. Indicates whether an instance of the Object class is in the prototype chain of the object specified as the parameter.

Boolean Dispatches an event into the event flow. This method is equivalent to calling the go method of the window. Show Inherited Public Methods. String A value from the BlendMode class that specifies which blend mode to use.

If you set this property to trueensure that the data source for a string used in a aor to the loadString method is trusted.

android – how to work with air and HTMLLoader? – Stack Overflow

A call to this method implicitly cancels any pending previous load operation initiated with this method or with the loadString method.


Dispatched when a user enters one or more characters of text. Specifies the width of the rectangle of the HTML canvas that is being rendered. Dispatched when the user creates a point of contact along the edge of the touch surface with an InteractiveObject instance, such as tapping along the edge of the touch surface on Siri Remote for Apple TV Some devices might also interpret this contact as a combination of several touch events, as well.

Indicates whether the security restrictions would cause any display objects to be omitted from the list returned by calling the DisplayObjectContainer. Swaps the z-order front-to-back order of the two specified child objects.

Dispatched when the user lifts an active stylus above the proximity detection threshold of the screen.

actionscript 3 – As3 Air for Desktop using ExternalInterface on HtmlLoader – Stack Overflow

Calling this method initially sets the loaded property to false. Ends the startTouchDrag method, for use with touch-enabled devices.

Number Indicates the horizontal scale percentage of the object as applied from the registration point. Dispatched by the drag initiator InteractiveObject when the user releases the drag gesture. Specifies whether the local cache should be consulted before HTTP requests issued by this object fetch data. Property Value bubbles false cancelable false ; there is no default behavior to cancel.

Dispatched when the user moves an active stylus directly above this InteractiveObject while remaining within the proximity detection threshold of the screen. AccessibilityImplementation The current accessibility implementation AccessibilityImplementation for this InteractiveObject instance.