Like other Afzelia spp., the wood of Afzelia africana is characterized by an excellent stability with little susceptibility to variations in humidity. Afzelia africana is a medium to large deciduous tree up to 40 m high. It is mostly used for its high-grade timber but has good potential to provide. Benin; Burkina Faso; Cameroon; Central African Republic; Chad; Congo; Congo, The Democratic Republic of the; Côte d’Ivoire; Ghana; Guinea; Guinea-Bissau;.

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It has been used traditionally for canoes. Found in the wild in well watered sites with a deep sandy soil, though it can adapt to lateritic soils[]. The maceration is used as a remedy for leprosy[ ]. Afzelia africana [ Fabaceae ]. Habitats in West Africa. This article needs additional citations for verification. In drier agricana it agricana limited to localities with deep, well-drained but moist soils and to termite mounds. The leaflets are opposite, elliptic to ovate-elliptic in shape, cm long x A red dye can be prepared from the heartwood.

A leaf decoction, combined with Syzygium guineensis leaves and Xylopia fruit, forms a drink that is used to treat oedema[ ]. Cookies help us deliver our services. It is afzeila used for domestic articles such as boxes, bowls, spoons, mortars and masks, and is locally popular for making drums.


In nursery tests, inoculation with ectomycorrhizae did not result in increased growth; possibly endomycorrhizae play a role in early tree growth. Afzelia africana leaves, fruits and seeds are browsed by wildlife animals, many parts of the tree are edible.

The afriacna of a cyanogenic compound may explain the reputed toxicity of the seeds. Etat actuel des peuplements et utilisation pastorale. The wood is durable to very durable, being resistant to termites and dry wood borers and africsna resistant to fungi.

The wood paints and varnishes well, but wood zones close to the centre of the log may qfricana anti-oxidant substances that slow down drying of varnish and may cause problems in painting. Views Read View source View history.

The mean height of seedlings developed from seeds weighing 2—4 g was 57 cm after 13 months, whereas seedlings developed from seeds of less than 2 g reached on average only 37 cm. QR Code What’s this? Low branching is often the result.

Like other Afzelia spp. Fruit ash is applied against leprosy, and as soap substitute. Mature trees grow between 10 and 20 meters in height.

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Further, the leaves are used to enrich the soil as it is rich in nitrogen. But curiously no information seems available in the international literature October on their utilisation in rabbit feeding. Raising rabbits and guinea pigs cavies for meat in smallholder environments in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Afzelia african a has poor regeneration rate because of fires, and of predation of seedlings by animals. The tree is valued in agroforestry systems for soil improvement because the leaves are rich in nitrogen and minerals. Renewable Energy96— Characterisation aczelia Afzelia africana Sm.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Afzelia africana. The wood is durable and treatment with preservatives is unnecessary, avricana for usage in permanent humid conditions or in localities where wood-attacking insects are abundant. Afzelia africana – Sm.


The fleshy pulp in the seedpod, surrounding the seeds, has a sweet flavour[]. They can be effectively included in growing rabbit diets.

However, it should not be used in contact with textiles under more humid conditions because african the presence of colorants. Views Read Edit View history.

Afzelia africana medicinal values include: Effect of feeding some West African browse foliages on growth and carcass composition in sheep. Journal of Engineering Science and Technology7 6— Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.