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Download Until the Whole World Hears
Download Until the Whole World Hears

Bible translation: NIV, ESV, KJV and possibly more
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If you want the NIV on your iPhone then 3onesix is your only option at the moment. 3onesix does not use the same menu system as all the other iPhone bibles use. Instead you have to type in the chapter you want (e.g. Mark 2). Understandably this is not as user friendly as the normal menu system. It would be good to have both this option and the more popular/common list.

The NIV is the standard bible used when you search. However you can search for other versions by adding this to your search. So to search for the KJV you would type “KJV:Mark 2″. You may be able to get more translations so give it a go if you really need a certain one.

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