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How to find songs on 4Praise or Sharesong from your Pc

First you need to click on Songs to search, or check out the featured artists on the main page. If you want to find a song on a particular theme, search for songs by title or by lyrics. If you want to find the songs that others have appreciated the most, try sorting the results by popularity - or go to the Artist page and sort by "Votes".

How to find song id on 4Praise or Sharesong from your Pc

1) Simple click on the name of any of the songs you want to download.
2) Copy the page address (eg: http://4praise.com/cgi-bin/freep.exe?_action=SongPage&SongID=4023) and write down "SongID=4091".
3) Point your mobile browser to http://caribchristians.mobi/find and type the number in the search box provided.
4) Click on the appropriate link and download the file/s!